lost mines pic

The Lost Mines of the Bow Valley Exhibit

Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre
Civic Centre – Downtown Canmore
On now to the end of April
Admission fee (free to members)

These drill holes at the end of the Protection Mountain adit are evidence that in the last days of the mine work must have ended abruptly. Why were the miners not able to finish what they had started? Did the managers shut the mine down on a day’s notice? Did the money run out? Was there a strike? Or did the market for whatever they were mining – and what were they mining here? – collapse? There are also drill holes where the Queen of the Hills comes to an end and they raise the same, still unanswered questions. Another part of the mystery of these mines.

Looking at these drill holes you can imagine the miner pounding blow after blow with his sledge-hammer as the drill bits, twisted after each blow by the helper, slowly grinds its way into the rock. That’s what it was like to mine in the Silver City era.

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