2013 Burgess Shale Summer Hikes

Take a hike back in time over 500 million years to the world’s most significant fossil discovery. The BSGF is allowing CMAGS to offer some of their hikes at a reduced rate this summer.

Climate Change Hike – August 1

• A day hike along the Iceline Trail in Little Yoho Valley to observe and discuss glaciers response to

climate change. $80/$90 (member/non-member)

Walcott Quarry Hike – August 7, 11,  and 24

• A full day hike to the World Heritage designated site of the Burgess Shale. $80/$90

Stephen Fossil Bed – August 10

• An adult or older child hike to Stephen Fossil Bed $80/$90

Kids in Trilobites – August 11

• A family hike up to the Stephen Fossil Bed (Trilobites) $65 adults / $25 kids

Book today as these hikes go fast!!

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