It’s not exactly a crime scene investigation but can the Canmore Museum solve some of the mystery surrounding some of the objects in its collection?
With major funding from The Calgary Foundation, it now has a chance to do that.
Awarded $39,000 for its Deep Research project, in the next year the Canmore Museum wants to answer some basic questions about certain artifacts, historical photographs and documents. Questions as simple as − what is this object and how was it used? Leading this CSI-like investigation will be Collections Manager Amanda Sittrop, a trained museologist.
“The objects in our museum have stories.” says Sittrop. “We want to be able to say more about them…and create a more relevant and reflective collection which present and future generations can learn from and enjoy.”
Aiding Amanda will be knowledgeable volunteers invited to participate in the investigation. According to museum board member, Leslie Lewis, these volunteers are a “unique resource” because they “remember the early days of our community…We must capture their stories and memories so they can be preserved for later generations.”
As Deep Research proceeds, the Canmore Museum will also be appealing to members of the public to contribute any knowledge they might have about items selected from the collection.
The Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre extends its gratitude to The Calgary Foundation for its enthusiastic support of this project.

For further information:
Collections Manager, Amanda Sittrop, 403-678-2462

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