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We have recently negotiated new leases with the Town of Canmore for the Museum and NWMP Barracks for another 11 years until December 31st 2024.  This gives us a chance of improving our services as a Museum and Geoscience Centre dedicated to telling the stories of our mountains and communities. Over the next few years we have an ambitious goal of raising an extra $500,000 over and above our current funding levels in order to make our Museum a first-class facility.

The following is a list of the projects for which we need support to fulfil our mission.

1. New storage facility
We need additional museum-grade storage space to expand our ability to handle more collections.  Getting additional appropriate storage space for our collections is part of our actions that need to be undertaken to get our Registered Museum status renewed in four and half years.  We currently have to turn away many donations from local people and wish to change this situation.  A significant level of new funding would solve the problem and allow us to fulfil one of the basic mandates of a Museum.

2. Collections manager support
We need a permanent staff person to manage our artifacts and prepare them for exhibition. At the moment this role is fulfilled in a piecemeal and inefficient fashion when we can secure specific grants for such a role.

3. Planning coordinator support
We need funding for a staff person to organise and coordinate all the Geoscience and Heritage programs we offer at the museum.  These range from presenting Geoscience and Heritage classes at schools for grades 3 through 7, Children’s outreach programs such as GeoKidZ, Pioneers in the Park, Digging Rocks and Stones and Bones, Adult outreach programs such as Art in the Park and our Heritage Speaker series, historical walking tours, coal mine tours and geological car caravans, trips to the Burgess Shale and  activities at the North West Mounted Police Barracks .

4. Alberta Winter Games exhibit

5. New coal mining exhibit
Open now! This exhibit, called “From Coal to Community”, explores our town’s mining industry and its influence on Canmore life.

6. Water exhibit

7. Railway exhibit
Each new exhibit costs money in terms of a curator’s time and material costs.

8. Barracks Upkeep funding
We can secure matching grant funds for upkeep of the Barracks if we raise our own funds.

9. New signage
We would like to be more visible to visitors and local people alike.  New signs on the approaches to the town and locally will help increase our visibility.

10. Update computer system
A new and improved computer system will improve our efficiency.

11. New lighting for Museum
It’s too dark in there!

12. Mine tour video
We are currently raising funds to videotape Gerry Stephenson’s excellent mine tour. We have, so far, raised $11,000 of the $15,000 required. As anyone who has been on Gerry’s tour can attest, it is a great and worthwhile experience!

13. Museum membership
You can also help by buying a membership which entitles you to unlimited visits to the Museum, reciprocal free visits to the Whyte Museum, significant discounts of up to 30% on our trips such as Gerry Stephenson’s Mine Tour, Ben Gadd’s geological caravans, Rob Alexander’s town tours and trips to the Burgess Shale and a 10% discount on all merchandise.  We are currently negotiating the possibility of significantly reduced ski lift ticket prices to Sunshine.

14. And we can always use your help as a volunteer!

Recognition for donations will be commensurate with the level of giving.  This can range from “anonymous” to full recognition of the “YOUR NAME CMAGS Storage facility” for example.  This would be negotiated at the time of your donation.
Please contact us at 403 678 2462 and ask for further information about these opportunities for supporting the museum.

Thank you, from the Board of the CMAGS.