The Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre’s collection includes over 10,000 thousand
artifacts. In addition, it has extensive archives, including photographs, maps, blueprints
and other historic documents. Our areas of collection include: First Nations, exploration, railroad, North West Mounted Police, coal mining, 1988 Olympic Games, mountaineering, earth sciences, natural history (fauna/flora), Bow Valley history, art/ handicrafts, clothing, communication, government/ school, household items, immigrant experience, sports, and wartime experiences.


It is through the generous donations of the community of Canmore that we are able to tell the stories of the people in the Bow Valley. The Museum is currently accepting donations. If you feel you have an item that would help tell the history of the Bow Valley, please call ahead and make an appointment with the Collections Manger. We will assess your donation and the Collections Committee will determine if the object meets the collection’s needs and standards. For more information, please contact the Museum.

3 Responses to Donations of Artifacts

  1. jim shaw says:

    I have a number of B&W photos and several short 8mm movies of the steam locomotive in operation at Canmore Mine taken in about 1958/60 when I was 15 or so (my father was the US importing agent for Canmore Mines). Would these be of any interest to you or another museum? They are not of good quality as I was young and using only simple Kodak cameras, however, they might be of some use to a researcher or model maker. The movie has been digitalized. This would be a free donation.

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi Jim.

    This sounds really interested.

    Please get in touch with our Collections Manager at


  3. Dave Podmoroff says:

    To whom it may concern;
    I have documents containing the demolition and reclamation of the mine in Canmore.
    If this meets your requirements of archives please give me a call or message.

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