Volunteer Opportunities

The Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre & NWMP Barracks hold many special events which rely on volunteer involvement. Each opportunity is unique and offers countless ways to enrich our community.

For further information on volunteering, or for a volunteer application form, please email Victoria at info@cmags.org

Special Events Volunteer Opportunities - Calendar

Follow this link for a list of special events that are available for volunteers to participate in.

Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities

The Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre and NWMP Barracks have year-round volunteer positions available. Below is a brief description of each position.

Museum Gift Shop Attendant Volunteer:  This volunteer will assist in various tasks, including but not limited to:  general cash register work, cleaning and tidying of the Gift Shop, recording visitor attendance and answering telephone calls.  Occasional office duties may be required including photocopying and mailing.  The volunteer will also greet museum visitors and pass on information about the local area. This position provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with the public and learn about Canmore and its history! Volunteers are needed Monday to Friday 12-5 pm.  Some weekend shifts are also needed (10am to 5pm). 

NWMP Barracks Volunteer/Tour Guide This volunteer will have various duties, including but not limited to:  handling cash, helping customers, tidying and caring for the Barracks, keeping count of visitors and opening and closing the Barracks.  This volunteer will also be responsible for passing on information about the historic NWMP Barracks to the visitors and providing a brief tour of the building.  This position is a great social opportunity!  Volunteers are needed year-round.  In the Winter the NWMP Barracks is open Friday-Monday, 1pm to 4pm and in the summer Monday and Tuesday, 1pm to 4pm and Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Collections Assistant:  This volunteer will assist in various tasks, including but not limited to: working directly with artifacts, describing photos and objects, inventory, data entry and labeling and organizing.  This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn the inner workings and behind-the-scenes details of a museum!  Volunteers are needed year round Monday to Friday, 12-5 pm.

Schools Program Volunteer: This volunteer will assist with the running of our schools programs.  The Canmore Museum offers schools programs for all grades.  Topics include; rocks and minerals, planet Earth, history of the NWMP, Canmore’s history and coal mining.  We also offer guided hikes at Grassi Lakes.  Training will be provided. Volunteers are needed year round Monday to Friday- times will vary.

2 Responses to Volunteer with Us

  1. Michele Harrison says:

    I have not been able to find any records of my Great Grandparents Karl (or Charlie) Carbol and Amalie who lived in Canmore between about 1911 and 1955 and would be most grateful for any information you might have on them. At one time they lived in a small building behind the main house of John Michaluk on 5th avenue near the Old high school.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Michele,

    If you’d like to contact me at collections@cmags.org, I can tell you what information we have on your relatives.

    Thank you for your inquiry!

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