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2 Responses to Grant Mossop Library/Cathy Nigrini Archives

  1. Chad and Amanda says:


    We are looking for more information about a person named on this head stone. If this is not the correct email to contact perhaps you can direct me to the appropriate one.

    Last Sunday, April 15th, not long after leaving Canmore driving east to Calgary on 1A Bow Valley Trail, we spotted some swans on the river. We stopped and walked down to the river bank to take photos. We took another route back to the car and came across this head stone. It looked aluminum so the original was probably replaced. This area is very over grown, we could make out the depression of the grave and we were saddened that this grave did not look remembered.

    We look forward to a reply.
    Thank you very much.

    Head Stone reads:
    ON THE 14 DAY, MARCH 1890

  2. Peter Goodman says:

    I have also come across the grave described by you. After some research I determined that the material used for the headstone is cast zinc. It was used from about 1870 to 1914 then stopped as it was considered “too common”. Apparently however it has proved to be better than anything else in longevity, often looking unchanged well after 100 years.

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